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Magical University

Magical University is here!!!

Magical University is my NEW exciting online school that teaches you how to unlock the magic within and shine that magic into the world; opening you up to healing and abundance. You will learn how to become an amazing psychic, medium and energy healer. 


EVERYONE is intuitive and can use energy to heal and manifest. 


Magical University is all about having mystical fun, learning how to tap into energy, and developing your intuition to the next level, so you can become the BEST PSYCHIC and ENERGY HEALING MASTER for yourself and others.


Now more than ever we need healers in the world. I have been working online as a professional medium, psychic, and energy healer for over 20 years, and I’ve had many different businesses. Helping and healing people and pets is the most rewarding and flexible career I have ever had.


I am launching my six month apprenticeship certification program to a select group of people on August 8, 2020 (8/8) on the Lions Gate Portal…This is a POWERFUL day! 

After that, classes will be on the 1st-3rd Thursdays of every month at 4PM PST. The 4th week will be for homework catch up and rest.


If you are wanting to embark on a magical journey, awaken your third eye, expand your intuition, connect to your guides, angels, universal energy, to help you, and others heal, this is the time and Magical University is the place! 


This is exactly what you have been looking for.


Apprenticeship Online - 6 Month Certification Program


I am offering this apprenticeship program to those individuals who are wanting to become professional energy healers, psychics, and mediums. And for the person who would like to take their current healing practice deeper. I will be referring my clients to students after they complete the certification. 


What you will learn: 

To expand your intuition

Third eye activation 

Using Psychic tools like pendulums and kinesiology

How energy works in our emotional and physical well being

Read others energy, including futures

Read energy imprints

Read oracle cards

Connect to spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Universal support

Astro travel

Seeing Auras



Energy Clearings

Grounding, clearing and protecting techniques 

Energy cord cuttings

Womb healing

Health Intuitive

Etheric body healing 

Abundance healing 

House clearing 

Crystal healing 

Body Scans

Color therapy healing

Sound healing 

Essence oils

Past Life regression

Past life healings

Heart and Soul healing 

Kundalini awakening


Inner child healing 

Cell memory release 


Not only will you become a HIGHLY sought after psychic, and energy healer, you will be going through the ultimate healing yourself. You will be lighting your soul up! 


The classes will be taught LIVE via zoom each week. They will be recorded and placed in the Membership area of the website, a replay will be emailed to you along with your login link to the membership area after each class. There will be a private Facebook Group for practicing and building a strong support circle. There will be weekly homework that you must turn in so that you can be certified. 


$6,300, if paid in full, get 10% off! (Save $630)!!!



There will be payment plans for the full price option. Email, for more information and for payment options.


Check out my private Facebook group!

I go live on video with readings and soul work

You can view it anytime!

The whole month is $99
Group and personal energy clearing $199

Venmo me at  @Vickie-miller-33

"Vickie is incredible! After attending one of her Goddess Workshops, I ended my 5 year relationship the next day. My intuition was completely unlocked, and magic was literally dancing all around me. I found my soulmate, and manifested a big opportunity. A few weeks later I did one of her full moon releasing ceremonies, and I quit the job I had had for two years that wasn't in alignment with my purpose. My life has completely changed from the work I've done with Vickie. I can not thank her enough for the gifts she has given me. Thank you Vickie!

Whitney, Actress, Los Angeles

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