For my personal readings, all I need is a "Name" to tune into one's energy.

I use all of my senses to read your energy in health, love, money, relationships, past, present and future.

I am also a medium and can communicate to loved ones in heaven, angels, spirit guides and animal totems.

I do my personal readings by phone or email.

email me to schedule an appointment.

I am booked at least 3 weeks out.

Payment is required within 24 hours of booking an appointment.

Only have a few burning questions?

I offer answers by email.

I'll tune in and get answers to 2 questions.

You'll receive your answers within 48 hours

Guide Readings


Your guides are here to help you! They ALWAYS want what is best for you, and can help direct you to your highest good.

My guide readings will help give you clarity and guidance in your life. 


These readings are recorded. You can ask 2 questions in addition to the reading I'll be doing, that I will answer during the recorded reading. 

Reading will be sent within 48 hours of payment.

Please email me questions to

Combination Special


Energetic Cord Cutting and 15 minute phone reading



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