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Get magical & start manifesting the life you desire


This is much more than learning how to manifest!
The more you heal deep core issues, the more you will thrive in life.

And, forming a SYNERGY with a group helps you


What you get with this awesome membership:

  • PRIVATE MANIFESTING FACEBOOK GROUP: This is where we'll connect and I'll be giving you guidance on manifesting and fun soul homework. Forming a synergy with others creates a co creating energy to manifest faster!

  • MEDITATIONS: Healing meditations to expand and clear your energy

  • WEEKLY CARD READINGS for the private group




All of the above EVERY MONTH for just $99/month!

"Hi Vickie, I wanted to share with you the good things that have come to be since we started the Manifesting group.  As you know I have been asking for Prosperity and Love.  I am a real estate agent and an adjunct professor at the community college.  I had 5 settlements this month, which is outstanding.  I went to pay my mortgage and the statement said 0 amount owed.  I called the mortgage company and they said I was a month ahead and did not need to pay anything this month.  In my mind I gave thanks.  To add to that I looked in my checkbook as I get automatic pay from the college and saw an additional paycheck in my checkbook I did not expect.  In my mind I gave thanks again. A few days before the new semester started I received a email from another college I had taught a class at and they said a Professor cannot teach the class would I be able to step in at the last minute.  I said yes and now have another class to teach this semester.  What a gift.  My daughter who is now grown and lives in Philly sent me a picture of a nice lady who is single and a friend of a friend.  We spoke once on the phone and have been texting.  To say getting a new mindset, unlocking energy, releasing fear, daily affirmations and your book "Manifest Anything You Want In 30 Days",and what you talk about in your podcasts have certainly been a positive step for me in achieving my dreams and a life I desire.  Even after this group is done I will continue to practice the things you teach us.  Thank you for your wisdom and direction.  You are the BEST!"

Rich C.


Goddess Empowerment Monthly Subscription Group

When you look at the Goddess, do you FEEL like her? Do you feel powerful, magnificent, majestic, beautiful, radiant, inspiring, abundant? 


Does everything you desire come to you as if by magic? Do you feel like a queen that doesn't settle for ANYTHING, because you know you are worthy of EVERYTHING the universe has ready for you? 


 If the answer is no, then you are not in your goddess power.


What is goddess energy? 

Goddess energy encompasses so many elements, but in its simplest form, it’s a level of awareness linked to the divine feminine spirit. It’s devoid of ego, judgment or harm, and deeply tied to nature, mysticism, wisdom, intuition, purity and matters of the heart. It’s living with authenticity from your heart center. It’s loving wildly and standing in your truth, standing in power!


It’s like nothing of this world, and it brings forth a sense of peace and fulfillment that can only be discovered within.


Are you a woman wanting more confidence, beauty, peace, magic and power in your life? 


Do you desire to live in ABUNDANCE and POWER loving your life? 


If your answers were yes above it is time to BECOME the goddess you are!  


My goddess empowerment membership group will help you become the Goddess you! 


In this monthly group you will learn to become the goddess you are, which will change EVERYTHING in your life.


When you take back your power, stepping into your goddess energy, you will shift your vibration into attracting your desires and miracles like magic. No more chasing after anything! 


Your energy will change, which will change your health, looks, abundance and EVERYTHING in your life. Don’t be surprised if after joining the goddess empowerment group you have people complimenting you and even wanting some of you. You will be manifesting instantly.


What is my group like?

Obviously it's for women only. Sorry guys! 

You will be in a synergistic circle of goddesses who are raising their vibration, stepping into their power, aligning with their goddess energy to heal, love and manifest. 


When women have other women supporting them ANYTHING everything is possible. 

Goddess empowerment  -

  • You’ll be in a private Facebook group 

  • Every Monday I will come into the group LIVE via video, and give you goddess energy work.

  • I will do a weekly reading just for the group

  • You’ll get energy tips

  • There will be Meditations

  • Healings and so much more.


 If you can’t watch the videos live you’ll be able watch them at your own convenience. The monthly subscription is $99.

Grab a glass of wine and some friends to join me painting a manifesting masterpiece online. You gather your friends and family, then contact me and we get it scheduled.

We start with a clearing mediation connecting to your higher self to pull in symbols and guidance for your painting.


Each person will be painting their own individual masterpiece.

I will be channeling during the painting party and give messages from your painting.



Must have at least 9 people, if you have 12 or more, you are free 😊 $75 a person.

You will need.
Paint - Acrylic is what I use but use whatever your heart desires
Paint brushes
Paper plate or something to put paint on
Paper towels
Glass of water

Let's get one on the books for you!!! Email me at

Let's come together for a Night of Magic!


We'll pull cards, receive channeled messages, have a

Q & A, and see what else decides to come through for us.

These nights are so fun and used to be called Message Galleries that I held in person. Now more people can come join in the fun on line!


Get a group together and we'll get it scheduled. I will channel, giving everyone messages from loved ones and spirit.


10 people minimum and if there are over 12, you are FREE.

$65 per person

Email me at and we'll get you scheduled.


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