Vickie Emanuele is an internationally renowned energy healer, intuitive, and medium for people and pets. She has worked as a spiritual teacher, healer and manifesting coach for over 15 years. She’s also the host of the weekly radio show, Energy Goddess, author of the book Manifest ANYTHING YOU WANT in 30 Days, and the CEO of Magical U, an online energy academy, helping people find the magic within to heal and manifest. She’s been featured on TV, newspapers, and several radio shows. You can even find her in Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2006).

Vickie is known as a powerful healer, having worked with thousands of people and pets, she can see and shift stuck energy in the mind, body and soul, including past lives. These shift in stuck energy allow life-force to flow and healing to occur instantly.


Vickie does healing and manifesting groups online and travels the world holding various workshops, as well as Goddess Retreats, empowering women to step into their own light to manifest love and abundance.


Born with these innate gifts, and seeing her first spirit at age 5, Vickie is passionate about sharing her work with the world, and helping others work with energy to heal, grow, and manifest abundance.


Vickie has several gifts that she was born with. She is a psychic, medium, health intuitive, pet psychic, horse whisper, energy healer for people and pets. She saw her first spirit that she can remember at the age of 5. She can read any energy by a name or a picture.


She travels around the world holding healing workshops and retreats for people and pets.


Vickie has 5 children. She lives in Summerland, California with two of her children Samantha, Dane and her two dogs, Stella, a great dane, and Owen, a puggle.

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