Your home's energy is incredibly important to your health, love, abundance, joy,

and overall well-being. Your homes energy reflects EVERYTHING in your life.

You really can never clear your home enough. It is the energy you are soaking up the most and it affects all areas of your life.


Home Clearing is a MUST if you are:

Selling your home 

Have just moved into a new home

Finished remodeling

 It is haunted

Arguing with the other people in your home

Having sleep issues

Experiencing electronic problems or weird things happening

One of your children is going through a hard time or puberty 

 Stuck in life

 Health issues 

Bad dreams

 Avoiding a specific room or in your house

 Feeling sad or depressed

 Stuck or stagnant in life

Want to open up to health, abundance, peace and joy.


I'll clear each room, as well as any outdoor space through the use of sage, candles, sound, essence oils, and symbols. 

After a house clearing you will feel more peaceful, sleep better, be healthier and bring in more abundance.

Home Clearings 

Clearing your business is a MUST to improve the flow of abundance on all areas. 

My clearings will clear fear, stress, negative attachments and bring in more abundance immediately.

Vickie is amazing! Without going into a long story, she came to my home and " cleansed" it and now things aren't so "scary" for my grandson. The situation was horrible and it truly and honestly has gotten so much better for him.

Mary Jo

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