Magical U is an exciting magic and energy-healing online school, that teaches you how to unlock the magic within and shine that magic into the world; opening you up to healing and abundance.


This magic school is all about having mystic fun, learning how to tap into energy, and

developing your intuition to the next level, so you can become your own














Now more than ever, ENERGY is the easiest to work with, helping you manifest and heal.


EVERYONE is intuitive a healer and has magic within.

EVERYONE reads energy and works with energy every second you of their lives. You are either starving or thriving in life. Get into the energy of THRIVING.


When you open up and allow your light to shine, it unleashes magic into the world, which lights you up and ripples out into the world.


In the new world your light must shine brightly, meaning, your TRUTH must come out. The more you shine, the more magic, love, and abundance you will attract in your life.


We are now in a world where the energetic body is the ruler of your physical body, emotional body, and your life as a whole. Meaning, everything you experience is coming from energy. How you feel and the life around you is in direct correlation with the energy you are attracting.

You think it, you become it. You are the creator of your reality.

We all are an energetic body living in a physical body. The beautiful thing about the new world is we can tap into energy easily and quickly, and create what we want. Living a life of health, wealth and abundance and joy.


YOU have a whole tribe of support with you whether you realize it or not. Your higher self, angels, guides, animal totems, universal energy and a whole list of spirits, guides, and higher energies, that are here to help you to live an awesome life. They LOVE helping you, but it’s up to you to ask and tune in.


YOU CAN learn how to tune into these energies to help guide you to your highest good.  You are your own best teacher, your own best healer, for you have the help of the whole universe at your side any time you choose to tune in.


We are all capable of reading energy and HEALING OURSELVES AND OTHERS.

The AWESOME thing about energy is you can learn how to work with it in the comfort of your home. Energy flows everywhere so you do not need to go to a class in person. ACTUALLY you can go much deeper into a person energetically than in person. I do all of my readings and energy healings remotely. They could live on the moon and I could read and heal them. You can learn to do the same.

All you have to do is make a commitment to yourself to open up your magic within.







What can your intuition help with?

Absolutely EVERYTHING. You intuition is your inner guidance to your TRUTH and highest good.

Expanding your intuition will help you let go of fear, quit second-guessing yourself, and get into alignment with your soul purpose.


Who can you do energy healings on?

Babies, children, adults, pets, plants (pretty much everyone and everything!)

Even your house has energy imprints that you are living in.


What can energy healings help with?















Digestive system



Immune system








When you remove energy blocks it opens you up to flow. And when you are in the flow, love, health, and abundance move easily into your life.


Imagine having years of stuck emotions: fear, anger, sadness, resentment, pain, and grief - in your body! We all carry some of these stuck emotions, from childhood, from our past-lives, from the energy and people around us. We are all in need of healing. And the healing is an on-going process. Clearing and releasing those stuck emotions and lower energies will open you up to more love, joy, health, vitality, balance, flow and abundance, because you are clearing out room and creating space for those positive, higher vibration energies to come in. You will feel AWESOME and POWERFUL after an energy healing.

Let's get you started to your magical journey of love, healing and abundance!


ALL LIVE  courses have private Facebook groups to meet be assignments.

We will have weekly live webinars where I’ll be answering any questions. The calls will be recorded so you can play back later if you can’t tune in live.  

You will be emailed recordings and videos.













This course is for everyone! Whether you are tuning into energy for the first time, or you’re a practicing professional, this course will expand your intuition so you can start reading energy.


In this course:


  • You will clear the blocks to allow your magic within to surface

  • Learn about the different ways intuition works and how to hone into yours, making you your own best psychic guru.

  • Open up your heart chakra by learning to LISTEN to your heart.

  • Find out what your intuitive gift is - the way you tune in to intuition.

  • Learn to receive messages for yourself.

  • Learn to read energy for others and give them messages.

  • Learn to read oracle cards

  • Tune into higher consciousness

  • Clearing, grounding and protection techniques

  • Psychometry

  • Third eye and crown chakra awakening meditation

ENERGY U - Level 1  







In this course, you will learn how energy works and how to work with energy to clear blocks  

in your emotional and energetic body. 

In this course:


  • Learn the difference between emotional and physical body

  • Health intuition - How to scan your body for blocks and heal them

  • Chakras - learn about these energy points and how to balance them for ultimate healing

  • How to listen to what your body needs and wants to be healthy and happy

  • Inner child healing - learn to tune into your inner child, and why it is a MUST for everyone  to heal their inner child to heal now.

  • Clearing and grounding, flowing and healing techniques


Includes both recorded and video

Inner child meditation

Chakra balancing meditation



Get in tune with the power of the all the physical world can offer for healing.


                           Learn how to use:


                                        Sound therapy

                                        Color therapy

                                         Essence oils




MYSTIC U - Level 2

Tuning into the mystic world











You have a whole universal tribe that loves and supports you. It is up to YOU to tune in to them and ask for their support and help.

Tuning into your guides and angels is a MUST if you want what is best for you. I can't imagine not being able to tune into them for guidance.


In this course:


  • Learn the difference between and how to tune into angels, guides, animal totems and universal beings.

  • Connect to your higher self

  • You will meet your guide/s

  • You will meet your angel/s

  • You will meet your animal totem/s

  • Learn automatic writing


ENERGY U - Level 2


This course will give you all the tools to be a practitioner for yourself and family or for others.


In this course:

  • Chord cuttings - what energy cords are and how to read them and cut them.

  • Past life regression - Taking someone into a past life regression

  • Past life  healings - healing a past life

  • Cell memory release - How to change the memory in DNA






Building on what you've learned in the previous classes, this course will give you the confidence to step out into the world as a professional healer.

In this course:


  • Learn the steps to work on someone energetically to become the ultimate energy healer

  • Learn the different healings to offer

  • Learn how to work on someone energetically or in person

  • Learn how to protect yourself being a healer

  • Learn how to market yourself

  • Learn how to figure out a cost for your healings or to implement them into a healing you already offer.

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