• Vickie Emanuele


Manifesting is a word that seems to be on everyone's radar these days - and for good reason!

As the Queen of Manifesting, I love talking about manifesting, and helping people manifest and bring forth the life they desire.

So what is it?

Manifesting is thinking, dreaming, and wanting something to come into your life and bringing it into reality.

But what most people don't realize is they are always manifesting! Every word, every thought emits a vibration out into the universe that the universe is determined to deliver to you. Most people become frustrated with manifesting or think it doesn't work because they're getting stuff they don't want.

But you get stuff you don’t want when that’s what you’re putting out there. If you want more money, but you always speak as if you’re broke, you’re creating internal conflict, and whatever feels like the highest vibration (usually what has the most emotion attached) is what will feel dominant to the Universe.

But, even if you don’t currently have a lot of money, if you start to consciously shift your language, you will see the results. If there’s something you want but maybe you can’t afford, instead of saying, “I can’t afford that,” try something like, “I can’t wait to buy that sometime soon.” Empowering yourself, rather than falling victim to your circumstance. And when you feel empowered, the universe feels you in that empowerment!

Practice this for yourself. Start declaring that you are wealthy and prosperous. You love money. You are so grateful for all the resources you have access to. And start to feel that wealth and positivity in your body.

And this goes for anything else you are wanting in your life.

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Can’t wait to see what magic you manifest into you life.

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