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  • Vickie Emanuele


Do you want to know what is going on with your pet emotionally and health wise?

Look at yourself and you will find out.

Animals are healers. They are constantly absorbing your energy in order to heal you. Energy flows between you and your pets, whether the pet lives inside or out. Even a horse will pick up the owners energy being out in a barn.

You’ve probably heard people reflect on the physical resemblance between people and their pets. But the resemblance goes even deeper than that. Our pets also mirror and begin to resemble our emotional states, Have you noticed how your pets emotions mirror yours?

Have you noticed if you are depressed or feeling down, your pet also seems so?

Being a pet psychic and healer, I have worked with thousands of pets and have seen over and over again, similarities between the owner and their pet, like pain, allergies, personality, and so on.

One day I was doing this reading on a cute shih tzu named Sophie. Sophie had been depressed and mopey, with no pep. “She seems so down,” the owner told me. She was also having bouts of diarrhea.

When I tuned into Sophie, and her energy, I immediately got that she was picking up her owners depression. Her owner also had diverticulitis, a digestive issue that causes diarrhea.

I asked the owner if I could scan her body. I tuned into her and saw she was depressed. When I asked if she was, she told me her mother had just passed away. She also confirmed she had diverticulitis.

Sophie was picking up both her sadness and diverticulitis.

I went to work on two horses. I worked on a horse named Precious first, who was a mess. Precious had allergies and was out of alignment in all places. I was thinking, “how can a horse be allergic to dirt, dust, and grass?” So, I immediately ask the owner if she has allergies to dirt, grass, and dust. Her response? “Yes, I do, really bad.” I told her to take Claritin or some kind of allergy medicine so her horse could get better.

The next horse was a beautiful stallion named Hercules. The horse was so regal, so beautiful and so SMART! I said, “whoever owns this horse loves beauty, will not settle, and is wicked smart. The owner was a plastic surgeon. (Of course it was!)

I started noticing if dogs or cats had thyroid issues or diabetes, their owners do too. I have actually seen that pets can take on a thyroid issue for you so you won't come down with the symptoms. If you took the pet out of your house, after a while you would become ill with whatever the pet was healing for you.

So next time you notice something about the emotional or physical health of your pet, look at your own.

You can heal the pet but it will just absorb your issues again if you dont heal yourself. You pet is taking on your health, allergies, pain, and personality, essentially becoming you.

This is why whole family healing is so important.

Heal yourself. Heal your pet.


Love & healing,