Charley Magnesium Sport Gel with CBD is a one of a kind, custom blended, ready-to-use solution for athletes and active individuals. This powerful, all natural blend helps ease muscle aches and spasms, tackle inflammation, calm and cool cramping muscles and soothe stiff and achy joints on contact. 


Hemp oil and its constituents are not water soluble, therefore the body only absorbs approximately 10% or less of the active CBD. Since our bodies are mostly water, water-soluble compounds travel through the skin and blood much more efficiently. The latest studies show that water soluble CBD has a 90-95% uptake rate in the body as opposed to the 10% of oil based CBD. Mindful Mixtures uses a certified organic, nanoparticle water soluble CBD that contains Zero THC. It is considered Broad Spectrum meaning that it contains all of the terpenes and everything else that a Full Spectrum has, minus the THC. This CBD does not smell and it is colorless.

Charley Magnesium Sport Gel


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